Blue Slate recognized an opportunity within a segment of the orthopedic reconstruction market: the lack of treatment options for ailments of the distal extremities and small bone and joints. By developing novel devices that provide surgeons with effective solutions for fixation, fusion, and motion preservation, a company could capitalize on orthopedic surgeons’ unmet needs, while developing products that enhance patients’ quality of life.

But our novel team got the technology off the ground

Thus Blue Slate established Extremity Medical and assembled an executive management team with proven, innovative business experience and a unique understanding of what it takes to develop a device from concept to commercialization. With the necessary resources in place, the executive team was able to focus on executing their strategic business plan and develop the company to address the challenging extremity procedures that the competition had chosen not to.

Orchestrating collaboration between engineers and world-renowned surgeons—whose experiences, research, and ideas would be invaluable—concepts were developed into products, targeted to satisfy these unmet needs. This powerful approach to development, along with Blue Slate’s experience, international network, and understanding of the market’s dynamics, propelled Extremity Medical onto the international orthopedic scene, with a preceding reputation of integrity.