You don’t have to be a Blue Slate company to benefit from our experience. We provide you with the same executive level insights, expertise, and guidance that drive our portfolio companies, leveraging that same knowledge and resources to grow and shape your business.

We insert ourselves when and where you need us to, adding a fresh perspective on current challenges and spotting potential ones before they occur. Not limited to a single area of medical technology, our team’s experience spans every aspect of medical device development, and we will work with you to uncover real solutions in real time.

Consulting Services Overview

  • Financial Break-even Planning
  • Operational Systems Analysis and Management
  • Domestic and International Sales Network Development
  • International Registrations and Regulatory Assistance
  • Clinical Product or Trial Review from a Selection of International Medical Surgeons
  • US Regulatory and Reimbursement Strategies
  • Design and Manufacturing Analysis
  • A Network of Industry Personnel and Companies