Simpact Dental

With the various implant technologies available, more efficient methods of treatment effecting procedure selection, and the unresolved status of insurance reimbursement, moving forward in this market seems like a choice that needs careful consideration. The appeal of this global market however is its growth potential. As the bulk of the population ages, the number of dental implant procedures will continue to increase dramatically (as much as 20%), opening the door for new innovations and technology approaches. Additionally, it is interesting to note that only 12% of dental practitioners are performing these procedures, leaving the remaining 145,000 as an untapped consumer base.

And our approach won’t hurt a bit

The challenge is finding a way to make a niche in this well-established, global market that still has space for new technology to enter. Novel devices are not necessarily the key: what is needed is a novel approach to business. Enter Blue Slate. By leveraging our experience in the spine market, we have developed Simpact Dental—a small, nimble company that can adjust quickly to advancements in the field. The difference in our methodology is our outside-in thinking. Simpact doesn’t develop products in a void, rather we reach out to dental practitioners and ask them what is it that you need?

This simple yet profound approach is advantageous. Our company can draw in the brightest practitioners and engineers, who have an opportunity to improve and expand upon a solid, pre-existing product base. The techniques and products developed will utilize contemporary features with an eye on future advancements—a conservative yet profitable way to enter the global market. Our high-contact approach with clients carries weight; not only will we be recognized for our substantive background in spine, but for our genuine interest in providing procedures and products that fill the gaps for practitioners. No other company in the industry engages their consumers so closely.

Our business plan has three principle drivers. First, a direct sales force that is driven by the company’s outside in thinking. Second, continuing education classes lead by a regional champion, to bring advancements in technology and necessary credits directly to the practitioners. Third, is the development of a breadth or products that will cover every step of a procedure, from beginning to end. We have an eye on the future, investigating the potential benefits of biologics as a way to increase the time and efficacy of dental implant procedures. Our company is beginning on the path to success, with an initial roll-out of products slated for the second quarter of 2009 and a full complement of devices available to the market within three years.